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Harlequin Creative is a small business working to assist in design, graphics, website and business strategy.

We specialise in Hi-Tech companies but our client base is very diverse being from many Industry Sectors. The business was started some 65 years ago by a Colin Philips who took the business forward based in the Watermill in Dorking. The building had a serious fire but was restored. this was subsequently sold and the business continued in Brockham, Surrey.

Some 19 years ago Harlequin Creative Ltd was formed under the current ownership. Since this time the business has moved froward embracing new workflows and clients. Success was slow to start but over the years the continuos steady output of successful work and an established client base has seen Harlequin Creative morph into the business it is today


Harlequin Creative ltd. specialise in "Getting, Keeping, and Growing" business by the use of traditional and current creative solutions.
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